The quality of student leadership at Kingsley improves year on year. Our current School Council have made a number of excellent suggestions which are now successful whole-school initiatives for improvement! Amongst them, is the initiative to improve safety and break and lunch times.
Kingsley has always had a good safety record on the playground, but we all felt that there was more we could do. So, a team from the School Council presented me with a proposal to have activities (including organised football, board games, and other diversions) and a focus on friendship and ‘good quality play’.
Teachers will be teaching ‘good play’ as part of the curriculum, there will be friendship benches where pupils who feel a bit lonely can go to talk to someone and there’ll also be spaces inside to play games (including chess) in both a quiet and not-so-quiet space!
We are really excited by these pupil-grown initiatives and it just shows what proactive, creating and community-minded pupils we have here at Kingsley!

The URL for the Power Point that we shared with pupils today outlining the next steps can be found here.