Dear parents and carers,
I hope everything is well with you and that you are able to work through the many challenges facing us all during these unprecedentedly tough times. Many thanks also for ensuring that your children access the work being set by my colleagues. The school is likely to be shut for some months and I’d like to tell you what we will be doing to ensure your children still have access to our curriculum after Easter (from Monday 20/04/20):

  • Each year group (from Y1 – Y6) will provide work for the ‘core subjects’ (English and maths) and half of the remaining subjects (the other half will be provided the following week – allowing all subjects to be covered fortnightly). This means that all pupils will have access to the full curriculum.
  • The work will be posted onto the Year Group Blog by 4pm the previous Friday
  • Obviously, as schools are shut, this is not a replacement for ‘normal’ schooling, but your help in ensuring your children at least have access to our curriculum is greatly appreciated and will maintain and develop their levels of knowledge.
  • Some parents have contacted me to express concern at the lack of structure for applying the work teachers are providing. To help with this, we have created a suggested and optional, morning-only timetable that your children could follow to structure their work over the rolling fortnight. The two week timetable can be accessed here.
  • With many of my colleagues already ill (some seriously) or tending to vulnerable people within their households, it is not reasonable to expect them to monitor pupils’ progress or check/mark their work during the closure period. When we open again, my colleagues (along with those in every other school) will be assessing how much pupils have learnt over the closure period and will be working tirelessly to fill any gaps in their knowledge. 
  • Some parents are very keen to use our curriculum to give their children relevant experiences and to even teach them themselves. To support this, we have put our curriculum on-line for you to access and bring to life in whichever way you feel appropriate. Our curriculum can be accessed here.
  • Our Early Years team will continue providing work in the same way as they have over the past fortnight

I hope that you all remain as safe as you possibly can and I hope that your children enjoy accessing our curriculum from home and we look forward to welcoming them back to Kingsley when the closure period ends.
With thanks and very best wishes,
Ian McCrae