What to do if you or your family are displaying COVID-19 symptoms

To make the procedure about what to do if you suspect there are C19 cases in your household and to be clear about what we will be doing in school, we have produced a useful flow chart which can be accessed here.

Please familiarise yourself with this and don’t hesitate to contact the school office if you want further help.

If you would like to see our COVID19 reopening RISK ASSESSMENT, it can be found here.

WELCOME BACK! September 2020

Dear parents and carers,

We’re really looking forward to welcoming you back on Friday!

As a reminder, I’ve re-posted some of the key information on how we will be ensuring that our community is as safe as possible in school.
Please do give it a good read and myself and my colleagues will be on the gates to answer any questions you may have.

School Uniform
It is expected that pupils will wear Kingsley uniform and that it should be washed regularly.
Your child will have to take their PE kit home every Friday to ensure it is washed regularly.
Book Bags
Please would you ensure that pupils’ Book Bags only contain their reading record and reading book (we will give them these at school when they return in September)
Your child may bring a water bottle into school. It must be clearly named and be taken home every day to be thoroughly washed.
No other items must be taken into school from home or vice versa
Drop-off and collection from school
In order to minimise infection, we have staggered the start and finish of the school day for each year-group and have allocated strict entry and exit points for each year group.
Details of these can be found in the Social Story or by clicking on the relevant year group Reception; Y1; Y2; Y3; Y4; Y5; Y6
Lunch times will be spaced out across the middle of the day to allow for social distancing
If you are bringing a packed lunch, please try and ensure it’s in a disposable plastic carrier bag, which can be thrown away after they have eaten their lunch in order to minimise infection.

With very best wishes,

Ian McCrae


As your new teachers can’t meet you because of COVID-19, they’ve each made a video to tell you all about what’s happening, what you can expect and what great people both they and you are!

We’ve put all of the videos on a website for you. Just click here then select your new class to watch your video!

With very best wishes,

Ian McCrae

Update on School Re-Opening

Dear parents/carers,

Many thanks for bearing with us while we made the necessary adjustments following the changes to government policy. It is very likely that policy may change again and I apologise in advance for any subsequent disturbance you may experience due to short-notice closure or changes to our plans.
Currently, it is our intention to reopen with the following schedule – please note that the school will be shut on Wednesdays (except to selected pupils):

– Nursery/Reception pupils who signed-up will start on Monday 15/06/20 until Friday 10/07/20
– Y1 pupils who signed-up will start on Monday 22/06/20 until Friday 10/07/20
– Y6 pupils who signed-up will start on Monday 29/06/20 until Friday 10/07/20

It is also our current intention to open the school (safely) in the afternoon for the following Y6 classes and their parents to have a celebration and Farewell BBQ:
– Monday 13/07/20 – Mill Class
– Tuesday 14/07/20 – Ghandi Class
– Thursday 16/07/20 – Socrates Class
– Friday 17/07/20 – Watkins Class

The school will be open to children of Critical workers and other identified pupils, including Wednesdays up to and including Tuesday 21/07/20.

Please email the school office if you have any queries at office@kingsley.croydon.sch.uk

With very best wishes,

Ian McCrae