Head’s Blog 07/10/19

Some of our wonderful pupils went to see Banksy’s new installation at a disused shop in Church St. I wonder if the anonymous artist – who no one has ever seen – was there, too………..?
It’s also great to see Kingsley pupils catching-up on current affairs on the tram!
Huge thanks to Miss Lassiter, Ms Banfield and Mrs Collins for taking them.

Kingsley pupils at Banksy’s new installation in Church St.
Catching-up on the latest news…….

Heads’ Blog 03/10/19

Firstly, can I thank you all for your commitment to Kingsley’s uniform and for ensuring that your children are well-presented at school. Secondly, I’d like to thank you for the feedback you’ve been giving about the cost of uniform and, because of children’s growth, the need for regular replacement.

With this in mind, and because grey items are often more expensive than black (and black still looks smart!), I have added black as an alternative to grey in our uniform list. Shoes must always be black with no decoration

Can I also remind you that the purpose of a uniform is to focus pupils’ minds on school work and not on what each other is wearing. So, hair bands, hijabs and other items where a colour is not specified must be darker colours (eg black, grey, dark green, dark blue, etc) and must not display patterns or other decoration.

The uniform list can be found in the ‘parents’ tab on the Kingsley website

With very best wishes,
Ian McCrae

Head’s Blog 25/09/19

This week, in our assemblies, we’ve been talking about GOOD ATTENDANCE!
Numerous research studies have shown that attending school regularly and on-time is one of the BIGGEST factors in determining pupils’ success – not only at school, but also in adult life.
We say that the MINIMUM percentage pupils should be attending is 95% – that figure can only be achieved by having 9 OR LESS days off each year.
It’s worth bearing this in mind and maybe keeping a record of how many days your children are away from school.
If you have any issues with attendance, please contact the school office who will put you forward to Ms Brooks (attendance officer), Ms Kelly (senior leader responsible for attendance) or Mrs Hogg (Attendance officer for the Cirrus Primary Academy Trust)

With very best wishes,

Ian McCrae

Head’s Blog 17/09/19

I hope everyone has settled-in after a very rewarding and relaxing break. It’s been fantastic to see our pupils working so well in their new classrooms and being given challenging and inspiring work by their wonderful teachers!

Thank you also for your comments about the new school day and the positive effects it’s having on pupils. We really value your feedback and it is a key factor in our ongoing improvements. My door is, as ever, always open if you want to discuss any issues with me.

Following the success of our nurture provision last year, we have expanded it!
This allows us to provide the support for pupils who struggle with school and allows us to give them the quality of education they deserve. The provision is led by Ms Banfield and staffed by our exceptional team of Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs). In time, the pupils will even be running a cafe – more details to follow!

One of our new Nurture rooms
A place where pupils feel safe to express there concerns and worries
A place where they can access the curriculum at a pace that keeps them confident

With very best wishes,

Ian McCrae

Head’s Blog 15/07/19

Many thanks to all the Year 5 parents who came to the Secondary School Transfer meeting on Thursday. It was great to see so many of you there!
If you missed the meeting and would like to find out more, I have uploaded the Power Point presentation below and I am always available to talk you through the process. The office staff can also help you with the on-line application process if you are having difficulty or do not have access to a computer.

The Power Point can found here.

With very best wishes,

Ian McCrae