Head’s Blog 20/03/19

Head’s Blog 20/03/19

We take on-line safety very seriously here at Kingsley and, thankfully, incidents are rare.
It was really useful to welcome our friends at Parent Zone to provide digital resilience assemblies for pupils this week. They, through Ms Kelly, will be providing workshops and further assemblies for pupils and members of our community. More information to follow!
Here are the relevant details:

Free Digital Resilience Workshops provided by[parentzone.org.uk] Parent Zone. Parent Zone is an organisation that works with professionals, young people and parents to ensure young people are resilient to the challenges of the online world

Pupils: Interactive workshops/assemblies giving pupils the critical thinking skills they need to challenge what they see online; identify reliable and unreliable sources of information; and know what to do if they need help.

Head’s Blog 08/02/19

It was great to welcome UNIQUE TALENT into school this week!

UNIQUE TALENT are a charity set up to prevent young people being drawn into bad choices later in their adolescence. They work with a number of schools in Croydon, Sutton and Merton and their first-hand knowledge of the issues facing young people combined with their inspiring and charismatic delivery makes them highly effective.

They delivered a number of excellent sessions to pupils and will continue to work with them on an on-going basis.

There was also a very successful parents’ workshop, too. Such was its success that they are going to be running another one. If you missed the first one (or even if you attended it) you’ll really enjoy the next one. It’ll be a ‘part two’ rather than a repeat of the first session.

Ms Kelly will be announcing the dates very shortly. Don’t miss it!

Pupils’ session with UNIQUE TALENT
Parents’ session with UNIQUE TALENT

Finally and somewhat embarrassingly, I must apologise for a genuine mistake in the letter about behaviour and E-Safety I sent to you yesterday. At the beginning of the last paragraph, the phrase ‘I would you speak’ should have read ‘I would be grateful if you speak’. Somehow, the words got chopped off after the proof-reading stage and prior to printing!

With very best wishes,

Ian McCrae

Head’s Blog 04/02/19


We explored the extraordinary life of Paul McCartney and how he showed that there were NO LIMITS (one of our core values at Kingsley) on what he could achieve. This was in spite of losing his mother as a teenager, coming from a poor family, constantly having to fight against convention and the expectations of others to eventually become one of the most famous and respected musicians in the world.

At the end of the assemblies, I invited pupils to reflect on their BIG DREAMS (from Kingsley’s tag-line) and how NO LIMITS could ever and should never be put on them.

A PDF of the assembly with notes can be found by clicking here

With very best wishes,

Ian McCrae

Head’s Blog 25/01/19

It’s been really encouraging to see so many different groups use our training room here at Kingsley!

As part of our commitment and drive to ‘Maths Mastery’ teaching (where pupils learn to ‘master’ mathematical techniques and fill any gaps in their knowledge of basic mathematical principles), the training room has been used by teachers from all over Croydon an Sutton to sharpen their Maths Mastery skills and share best practice with us.

Even more inspiring are the parents and other members of our community who are taking part in our English programmes run by ‘Croydon Adult Learning and Training’ (CALAT). Here, adults can hone an develop their skills in spoken and written English in a friendly, positive and supportive environment.

If you’re interested in finding out more, just ask the office!

With very best wishes,

Ian McCrae

Head’s Blog 14/01/19

The quality of student leadership at Kingsley improves year on year. Our current School Council have made a number of excellent suggestions which are now successful whole-school initiatives for improvement! Amongst them, is the initiative to improve safety and break and lunch times.
Kingsley has always had a good safety record on the playground, but we all felt that there was more we could do. So, a team from the School Council presented me with a proposal to have activities (including organised football, board games, and other diversions) and a focus on friendship and ‘good quality play’.
Teachers will be teaching ‘good play’ as part of the curriculum, there will be friendship benches where pupils who feel a bit lonely can go to talk to someone and there’ll also be spaces inside to play games (including chess) in both a quiet and not-so-quiet space!
We are really excited by these pupil-grown initiatives and it just shows what proactive, creating and community-minded pupils we have here at Kingsley!

The URL for the Power Point that we shared with pupils today outlining the next steps can be found here.