Head’s Blog 04/02/19


We explored the extraordinary life of Paul McCartney and how he showed that there were NO LIMITS (one of our core values at Kingsley) on what he could achieve. This was in spite of losing his mother as a teenager, coming from a poor family, constantly having to fight against convention and the expectations of others to eventually become one of the most famous and respected musicians in the world.

At the end of the assemblies, I invited pupils to reflect on their BIG DREAMS (from Kingsley’s tag-line) and how NO LIMITS could ever and should never be put on them.

A PDF of the assembly with notes can be found by clicking here

With very best wishes,

Ian McCrae

Head’s Blog 25/01/19

It’s been really encouraging to see so many different groups use our training room here at Kingsley!

As part of our commitment and drive to ‘Maths Mastery’ teaching (where pupils learn to ‘master’ mathematical techniques and fill any gaps in their knowledge of basic mathematical principles), the training room has been used by teachers from all over Croydon an Sutton to sharpen their Maths Mastery skills and share best practice with us.

Even more inspiring are the parents and other members of our community who are taking part in our English programmes run by ‘Croydon Adult Learning and Training’ (CALAT). Here, adults can hone an develop their skills in spoken and written English in a friendly, positive and supportive environment.

If you’re interested in finding out more, just ask the office!

With very best wishes,

Ian McCrae

Head’s Blog 14/01/19

The quality of student leadership at Kingsley improves year on year. Our current School Council have made a number of excellent suggestions which are now successful whole-school initiatives for improvement! Amongst them, is the initiative to improve safety and break and lunch times.
Kingsley has always had a good safety record on the playground, but we all felt that there was more we could do. So, a team from the School Council presented me with a proposal to have activities (including organised football, board games, and other diversions) and a focus on friendship and ‘good quality play’.
Teachers will be teaching ‘good play’ as part of the curriculum, there will be friendship benches where pupils who feel a bit lonely can go to talk to someone and there’ll also be spaces inside to play games (including chess) in both a quiet and not-so-quiet space!
We are really excited by these pupil-grown initiatives and it just shows what proactive, creating and community-minded pupils we have here at Kingsley!

The URL for the Power Point that we shared with pupils today outlining the next steps can be found here.

Head’s Blog 08/01/18

Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a wonderful break and managed to relax and enjoy the festive period!
We’re all looking forward to welcoming everyone back today at the usual times (0835 for KS2, 0845 for KS1 and 0830 for Nursery) so we can hit the ground running with focused learning and build on the great work that all of us, the academy and our wonderful community, put in during 2018.

It was very sad to see the departure of Ms Sinclair in December who, after many successful years at Kingsley, relocated to Yorkshire to be nearer family and Ms Allison, one of our wonderful family team colleagues, who wanted to be able to base herself nearer her home. We will miss them hugely and wish them all the very best in their new lives.

We have a number of new colleagues starting with us this term. Ms Bondar, who will be working with our Y6 teaching team; Ms Hayward, who will be joining us from the trust as an Assistant Headteacher to support safeguarding and behaviour; Miss Green, who will be our Deputy Safeguarding Lead and Miss Poole, who will join our office team as an apprentice. We welcome them warmly and wish them all the very best during their time at Kingsley!

With very best wishes,

Ian McCrae

Head’s Blog 30/11/18

What a fantastic Christmas Fair and Art Exhibition!

Congratulations to Charlene and the Friends of Kingsley team, all the stall-holders and to everyone who supported this superb event. This just goes to show the power and commitment of our wonderful community, both in and out of the academy.

So, from me and all of Kingsley, a massive THANK YOU for supporting us and our community so well!

It also gave us all an opportunity to see the magnificent work created by pupils for our first ever ‘ARTS WEEK’ – I’ve uploaded some photos of their art work below. A big, big thank you to Miss Emans, Miss Tye and all staff for their work in driving this highly worthwhile initiative. This will be the first of many arts weeks to come, exemplifying our commitment to the broadest possible range of curriculum experiences for our pupils and I can’t wait to see the art work displayed around the academy!


I hope you have a well-deserved and restful weekend!

Ian McCrae

Head’s blog 26/09/18

A big welcome back to our Y6 pupils who enjoyed their trip to Downe for the last 3 days!

I went to visit them on Monday and barely had the chance to speak with anyone as the sheer number of activities and the obvious levels of fun and excitement meant that all the pupils were focused on the zip-wire, bush-craft, fire-making, high-ropes, climbing and many more. It was simply fantastic to see everyone having so much fun!

We’re now looking in to what we can put together, not only for our Y5s, but also for other year groups so that they get to experience the magic and pure joy of learning outside.

Huge thanks to all the staff who accompanied the group, kept them safe and ensured that they all had a fantastic time. That’s real dedication – Miss Dunn even slept in her tent!

Ian McCrae